Welcome to the BrainBoardz website! It’s been a lot of fun getting here. We have worked tirelessly to design and build the best modular prototyping system we can. Dozens of BrainBoardz have been completed and we have developed two hot-swappable mPCIe Neuron ESP32-S3 based modules. It’s literally a plug-and-play system for electronics! We call it Plug and Code.

BrainBoardz supports Circuit Python and Arduino. The entire BrainBoardz product range is designed for rugged conditions in the lab, classroom and pretty much anywhere else (we’re not sure about Space yet). A true open source prototyping revolution!

Here is just an example of one of our recent experiments with a TFT screen and a Generation 1 Neuron. We use our BrainBoardz (in this picture a PROTOBOARD) to test components and to design new BrainBoardz. The Neuron (the module on the left side of the board) is pluggable. BrainBoardz are designed and built in Toronto, Canada.

by Jeremy Littler (CEO)

Here is a recent test of one of a prototype “hat” board (the Optic) with a Generation 1 Neuron. This modular board combines a TFT screen with a stereo speaker output and touch sensitive buttons. The footprint is 6cm X 5cm!

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