Welcome to BrainBoardz. A Prototyping Revolution!

BrainBoardz provides a complete ecosystem for creating cutting-edge electronic projects. A wide range of flexible and robust “pluggable” boards, a growing range of ESP32-S3 based microcontroller modules and a completely standardized surface mount methodology. Simply connect a ESP32-S3 based Neuron mPCIe module to one of our many BrainBoardz, connect a USB cable and you are ready to go! Neurons provide full access to the entire range of capabilities provided by the powerful ESP32-S3 architecture. Neurons can also operate as standalone modules if required.

Our mission is to empower designers to develop their own custom circuit board designs based on our cutting-edge surface mount mPCIe approach. The entire BrainBoardz and Neuron system is open source, fully documented and is provided 100% license free. BrainBoardz are specifically designed to reduce the wiring mess and confusion that is so familiar when working with pinned microcontrollers. Neurons can be easily added or removed from a BrainBoardz. The mPCIe connection method supports ultra-low profile projects and guarantees microcontroller module re-usability. There are no pins to contend with in the BrainBoardz controller mounting system. It’s simply Plug and Code. Neurons boards provide for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Touch Sensing and SD Card Storage.

BrainBoardz are manufactured in Toronto, Canada. We employ lead free soldering processes at our production facilities, and our designs are both extremely affordable and built to survive in the the most extreme conditions. Product designs, source code and documentation are made available as open-source resources through this website and on GitHub.

Welcome to a prototyping revolution!

Jeremy Littler (CEO), BrainBoardz Inc. , Toronto, Canada

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